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Offshore software development

ABV's development organization

ABV's development organization

Planning process group is responsible for communicating directly with customers. This group's members are the ones who have many years' work experience (include Japanese skill). After understanding customers's requirements, they also create the project planning and choose the optimal staff, make the schedule and review during performing project, check the quality before provide customers the best quality products.

Development organization via Act Brain

Development organization via Act Brain

There are some differences between the Vietnamese engineers and Japanese engineers. Especially, it takes a long time for meeting to understand complex business system's requirements, therefore this is a difficult work for Vietnam engineers - who have Japanese N1, N2 certificate. Moreover, Act Brain will support the customers that still feel inconvenient in communicating with foreign company. Our SE will work directly with the customers.

R&D Contract

We will sign a monthly contract in a fixed number of people and a fixed amount of money. We'll set up a professional team to work with your company. So they will be familiar with working and communicating with your company, as well as increasing productivity.

Vietnamese engineer dispatching

There are some techniques that will not be clear if not on-site, or new techniques need more time to learn, we will dispatch some engineers from Vietnam to Japan for working.
Depending on your needs, we will arrange flexibly, so please do not hestitate to contact us.